Online meat delivery in Bhubaneswar on-demand During Lockdown

The online meat delivery in Bhubaneswar is on rise due to lock down and the adoption of technology by the smart city people.

The lock-down has been announced in the whole of Odisha from May 5th, during which all the transactions have been barred except non-service. However, permission has been given to open daily shops like ration, vegetable, non-veg, etc., from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM. And to bring it too, you can go only on walking.

You cannot use your vehicle for vegetable or non-veg marketing. You have to bring it from the market near your house (under 600M) and that too by walking.

Due to this, many people in Odisha’s capital Bhuneshwar are worried because there is no good non-veg or vegetable market near their house. Such people are now resorting to online delivery.

People used to order cooked food from restaurants or dhabas that Swiggy and Zomato delivered at their home. But now, many apps have been launched by delivery groups on which you can order raw non-veg online like chicken, mutton or fish and all this stuff will be delivered to your home. And for that, you do not have to pay too much than what you pay when you buy as a person.

We are going to tell you about some such websites and you, through which you can order your non-veg and enjoy it with your family on weekends.

Online meat delivery in Bhubaneswar

The first name in this list is EMeat. On this website, you will find non-mutton like mutton, chicken, fish, prawn, crab etc. While mutton is ₹ 375 for half a kilo, the price of chicken is ₹ 125 for half, and the price of desi fish is ₹ 120 per 500 grams.

The second website is Arrangefresh, where you will find fish, eggs and meat. If you talk about mutton, then one pound of mutton will cost you ₹ 380. If you talk about native fish, it will cost you ₹ 250 for 1 kg. Through this site, you can also order vegetables, and they will be delivered by delivery to your home.

The third name in this list is FreshTM, with which you can order your non-veg. The rate of mutton on this website is ₹ 384 per 500 grams. You will get ₹ 133 per half kg of chicken here. Similarly, on this website, you will find other kitchen items like lentils, sugar, salt, rice, flour, gram flour, semolina, edible oil etc. After ordering all this online, these people will deliver your goods to your home.

The fourth name in this list is the BigBFreshStore. On this website, you will find non-veg like chicken, mutton, fish, eggs, and groceries like oil, rice, sugar, salt and in addition to daily use items like brushes, toothpaste etc. After ordering all this, these people will deliver it to your home. Apart from Bhubaneshwar, these people also give their service in Cuttack, Puri, Pipli etc.

Wrapping Up

If you want to eat some non-veg made at home this weekend and there is no good non-veg market near your house, you can definitely try their service once. Due to the extended lockdown in the state, online meat delivery in Bhubaneswar is expected to grow.

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