Oneplus 9 Pro to be launched; here is what’s new

So OnePlus 9 Pro is set to debut in a week on March 23rd 7.30 PM Indian Standard Time, and ahead of the launch, colossal news has just been revealed by none other than the CEO of OnePlus himself. Along with that, there are tons of new information about the OnePlus 9, including high-quality photos of the handset itself.

Oneplus Pro 9
Oneplus 9 Pro to be launched; here is what's new 1

Oneplus 9 Pro

Since flagship phones like Apple, Samsung or Oneplus have gotten better and costlier and as a result, people are holding on to their devices longer. So OnePlus has announced on Weibo that they are extending the warranty on the OnePlus 9. Instead of the standard 1-year warranty, they will double the time to two years of official warranty on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. By the way, I’m not talking about software support. Still, the hardware support means that OnePlus is giving you the guarantee that the OnePlus 9 will be repaired or replaced if a defect should crop up determined to be the manufacturer’s fault. The vast majority of manufacturers offer a warranty for one year from the date you purchase your smartphone. So this is a big deal if you ask me.
Sure some regions, e.g., the European Union, already have 2-year warranties for all electronics, but most of the world does not. So this is great news for OnePlus consumers who only get a 1-year warranty as this will give them peace of mind that any hardware defects will be handled without extra cost.

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Since the company announced this on their Weibo account, there’s still some confusion whether this is only for China or Worldwide. Also, the CEO of OnePlus has shared some beautiful photos of the OnePlus 9 Pro. It’s pretty weird for a company to showcase the entire handset even before the scheduled launch event. It’s OnePlus; they know how to create buzz around their handset, one of their playbooks’ tricks. Anyway, as you already know, the OnePlus 9 will offer 65W of fast charging support with a charger included inside the box. But not only that, but the OnePlus 9 Pro will also have 50W of wireless charging support, up from 30W of its predecessor.

It has a 4500mAh battery, so it will take less than 50 minutes to charge it 0 to 100 with the wireless charging. With the wire, it will take only 29 minutes. So the OnePlus 9 Pro battery life is not going to be an issue at all because you can spend ten minutes filling it up by half. Also, the OnePlus is showing the low-light camera samples of the handset. They are using Sony IMX789 sensor, which has been custom-designed for the phone. And even though it might not sound as thrilling as the Hasselblad partnership, it does bring some powerful potential for both stills and video that will almost certainly be more important for its camera than the Hasselblad partnership.

This Sony sensor will unlock a series of features that include 12-bit raw, the ability to shoot 4K/120p video, and ‘digital overlap’ DOL-HDR, which is a new take on HDR image-making. OnePlus has even shared a sample of it on Twitter. The advantage of the digital overlap HDR on the conventional HDR is that HDR ghosting is not an issue. Something that happens with the traditional HRD sometimes, for example, the constant motion of a tree’s leaves as they blow in the wind, can result in ghosting.

So if you were waiting for it and excited about it? What is your expectation? Also, you can visit the official website of Oneplus, where they are running a quiz contest, and if you are lucky enough, then you can win an Oneplus

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