Lockdown Returns in Odisha; Government forces a 15 Day Lockdown

The state government has taken drastic measures to curb the Covid pandemic. The government has taken the last step to break the epidemic’s chain of infection. As a result, the state will be on lockdown for the next two weeks. The weekend lockdown in urban areas was already enforced in the state for the last two weeks.

All normal traffic will be closed during this time. Only emergency services will continue. The lockdown was announced by the state Department of Information & Broadcasting. It will take place on Wednesday, 5th May.

State officials have declared a lockdown from Wednesday morning, May 5, to Wednesday, May 19. During this time, you can walk 500 meters between 7 am and 12 pm to buy vegetables. However, health care and other emergency services are not affected.

All shops, markets and establishments will be closed preceding the cut-off period. However, medical, nursing, home, medicine stores, etc., will be open during the cut-off period. Rail and air services will also continue.

At this time, police officers are inspecting the ring for illegal pushdown and enforcement will be very strict. Strict checks and blockings will be made at this time. The detection of illegal pushdown will be intensified in Twin Cities.

Things That are not allowed during Lockdown

  • Buses are the most popular mode of public transportation but will remain closed
  • .Intra-state road travel by persons, except for medical purposes or activities allowed by these guidelines.
  • All educational, training, and coaching establishments, with the exception of those specifically approved by the government. Physical exams by state/national/international bodies, on the other hand, would be permitted by the respective Departments on a case-by-case basis, with due notice to all concerned authorities.
  • Exhibitions, trade shows, melas, and physical B2B meetings are forbidden. Such operations, on the other hand, can be carried out virtually.
  • All salons/barber shops, spas, beauty parlours, and similar establishments are forbidden.
  • All social, political, sporting, and entertainment events, as well as academic, cultural, religious, and other gatherings.
  • All religious sites and places of worship must be closed to the general public. On the other hand, religious rites are permitted with the bare minimum of priests, servitors, and workers. Congregations of any kind are strictly forbidden.
  • Marriages with a maximum of 50 people are allowed with the consent of local authorities, and funerals and last rites with a maximum of 20 people (for the entire event) including hosts, guests, priests, catering, and other support staff are prohibited.

What Will Remain open in Lockdown

1.Hospitals, nursing homes, telemedicine centres and clinics.
2.Dispensaries, drug stores, pharmacies, and medical equipment stores are all kinds of medicine shops such as Jan Aushadhi Kendras.

3.Labs and collection centres for medical research.
4.Pharmaceutical and medical research labs and institutions engaged in COVID-19-related research are included in this category.
5.Veterinary Hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, pathology labs, sale and supply of vaccines and medicines.
6.Authorized private establishments that provide essential services or support COVID containment efforts, such as home health care providers, diagnostics, supply chain firms serving hospitals.

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