Nambi Narayanan, a true patriot who was made to suffer for 24 years

Odiha News: In 1994, Nambi Narayanan was leading the cryogenic project. The cryogenic project of ISRO was significant for their engines, which means that the rocket launched as a core part, and Nambi Narayanan was involved in this project.

Narayanan worked as a director in a cryogenic project. He had a lot of contribution in ISRO and he received a lot of respect.

In October 1994, Mariam Rasheeda, a citizen of the Maldives, was arrested from Trivandrum. The charge against her was that she had acquired some crucial ISRO documents like ISRO’s rocket drawings, and she was trying to sell those documents to some countries, including Pakistan.

In November of the same year, Nambi Narayanan, the cryogenic project director, D Sasikumaran, the deputy director, and a few other ISRO men were rested. Fausiya Hasan, a friend of Maryam Rasheeda, was also arrested by the Kerala Police. Nambi Narayanan and his colleagues were accused that they had some link with Maryam Rasheeda.

Nambi Narayanan had to stay in jail for 50 days because of this. During this time, several raids were also conducted on his house, and an attempt was made to gather evidence. But nothing much was found in the name of evidence. The Kerala Police and Intelligence Bureau was alternately questioning Nambi Narayanan, and in his autobiography, Nambi Narayanan wrote that he was also tortured during this time. Once due to torture, Narayanan collapsed and had to be hospitalized.

After 20 days, this case was transferred to CBI from the State Police, and CBI did the further investigation. In 1996, the CBI gave its report in the Lower Court of Kerala that the so-called spying or selling of technology was completely baseless, and there is no truth in it.

The Left Government of Kerala opposed this report and appealed to the Supreme Court to re-examine the entire case, and the State SIT should investigate this whole matter. But the Supreme Court turned down the appeal to conduct a reinvestigation in the case.

The court acquitted Nambi Narayanan and his associates in this case as innocent. Based on the CBI report, Nambi Narayanan later appealed to the Kerala High Court to take action against the policemen who tried to implicate him in a false case, but the appeal was rejected by the Kerala High Court.

After this, Nambi Narayanan reaches the Supreme Court and appeals to the Supreme Court. Together with the appeal, he demanded compensation because his entire career was destroyed.

After a long battle, the Supreme Court granted justice to Nambi Narayanan in the month of September 2018. A bench of 3 judges of the Supreme Court which also included the then Chief Justice of India Deepak Mishra opined that he should get back his honor and respect. With this, the Supreme Court also ordered that the Kerala government should give compensation of Rupees 7500000 to Nambi Narayanan and this compensation should be recovered from the three police officers who falsely tried to implicate Narayanan.

Nambi Narayanan young
Nambi Narayanan at his young age/ Source: Facebook

In 2019, the Modi government awarded Padma Vibhushan to Narayanan. From a true patriot rocket scientist to a traitor and then a patriot, the long journey has been challenging for Narayanan. He fought many battles and won at last.

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The story behind the scenes for which Nambi Narayanan was implicated

In 1992, there was a contract between Russia and India, according to which Russia will share the technology of rocket engines with India. Earlier, India had bought this rocket engine from America and France at huge prices. Thus, the US put pressure on Russia to not share this technology with India, and due to pressure, Russia withdrew.

Later in 1994, India was buying rocket engines from Russia through a tender that was much lower than America and France’s prices. At the same time, Nambi Narayanan was also involved in making rocket engines in India.

Narayanan had said in an interview that if all this had not happened in 1994, by 1999, India would have built a rocket engine. Which became final in 2014, meaning there was a delay of 15 years.

In 2017 Narayanan released his autobiography named Ormakalude bhramanapadham.

Nambi Narayanan in Movies

On April 1, the trailer of the movie “Rocketry The Nambi Effect” based on the life of Nambi Narayanan has been launched, directed by R Madhavan, and R Madhavan himself is seen in the role of Narayanan. Madhavan’s co-director in Rocketry The Nambi Effect is Anant Mahadevan who started his directorial career with Dil Will Pyar Vyar in which Madhavan also played a role.

The story of this movie is written by Madhavan himself and it took a long time for Madhavan to write the story.

In the last 3 days, many people (Over 4 Million) have seen and liked this trailer. In one of the scenes, Shah Rukh Khan has also been seen playing a reporter’s role.

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