Mikaela Pascal Leaked Video, Bio, Wiki and details

Mikaela Pascal is a YouTube celebrity who works as an actor, model, and content creator for various popular YouTube channels, Instagram star, Tiktok and Triller content creator. Nowadays she mostly creates content with her boyfriend. She is also active on the Onlyfans platform.

Childhood and family

Mikaela Leilani Pascal was born on August 12, 1999, in Los Angeles, California, USA, hence she is a Leo with American nationality. Mikaela Pascal mixed heritage includes Mexican, Hawaiian, Italian, and Portuguese ancestors, but nothing is known about her family other than her father’s name, Colton. Mikaela is the older sister of her brothers John and Elly.

Mikaela Pascal began modelling at a young age, as her mother took her to many auditions and castings. In reality, her modelling background is what led her to social media sites. She wanted to be a catwalk model when she was a teen, but she abruptly stopped developing, so she had to say goodbye to her runway ambitions.

Background, education Mikaela Pascal

Her senior year of high school was crazy because she was in the video production program and invited Snoop Dogg to appear in one of her movies about a rival game she was reviewing. Mikaela previously stated that she was told at school that she wasn’t smart enough, and she still believes that her brain is her biggest insecurity since she was never treated in a way that made her feel brilliant or capable of doing interesting things. That is why she disliked studying in both high school and college. Her attitude toward herself, however, shifted when she enrolled in beauty school, since her education there took a new path.

Mikaela Pascal
Mikaela Pascal Leaked Video, Bio, Wiki and details 1

Mikaela graduated from high school in 2017 and went on to become a qualified esthetician, which was her biggest love, even more than YouTubing.

Career of Mikaela Pascal

Mikaela’s acting career began in 2012, when she starred on the episode “Kids React.” The show debuted on the FBE YouTube channel, with youngsters under the age of 14 reacting to various challenge videos, pranks, music videos, and so on. Mikaela participated in six episodes as a member of the series’ main cast. She featured in seven more episodes in 2013, and when she turned 14, she moved on to the “Teens React” show. She continues to feature in’reacting’ videos, as well as cameos in gaming videos on the FBE channel. She appeared in episodes such as “Teens React to Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,” “SUPER SMASH BROS. (N64) (Teens React: Retro Gaming),” and “Teens React to danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil!” in 2014.

Mikaela Pascal
Mikaela Pascal Leaked Video, Bio, Wiki and details 2

Mikaela joined the cast of “Teens React” in 2015 to answer the year’s most popular question – ‘What color is the dress?’ – while discussing a viral photo of a dress that some people viewed as white and gold and others as blue and black. Throughout the year, Mikaela featured in 20 episodes of various responding videos.

Mikaela Pascal could be seen in 39 different videos on the FBE channel in 2016, as she participated in a variety of reactive videos ranging from the “Advice” series to the “Do The Know It?” series. Mikaela filmed in “Teens React” videos for the last time in 2017, as she left YouTube to focus on her schooling.

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Working on the FBE channel continues

The FBE channel on YouTube is a prominent source of amusing pranks and responding videos, with around 20 million followers. The most popular video on the channel, with over 51 million views, is titled “YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning”; it was posted in 2013 and featured famous YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Brittani Louise Taylor, Jack and Finn Harries, and many others, who tried not to laugh or even smile while watching funny videos. Mikaela starred in one of the episodes of the series of such videos, which included several emerging YouTube stars. The concept of such films was so effective and popular that the FBE crew started another YouTube channel called “Try Not To,” which now has over half a million followers.

Mikaela has been a content creator on the FBE channel since 2017, after previously working as a model and actor on it. She became well-known and famous, and as a result, she established her own YouTube account.

Mikaela’s channel on YouTube

Mikaela began uploading films in February 2017 that she recorded, edited, and promoted herself. The majority of them were make-up instructions and “Q&A” films, but she quickly transitioned to prank videos and more responding videos, since she was quite excellent at it. She also surprised her fans and viewers by sharing a video in which she had a tattoo on the inside of her lower lip. The tattoo said “TERIC,” which is a combination of her YouTube friends’ names, Boston Tom and Eric Beckerman. The video, titled “I GOT THEIR NAMES TATTOOED ON ME! | FT. Boston Tom and Eric Beckerman,” had over 200,000 views and was released to celebrate Mikaela’s channel reaching 100,000 subscribers.

The tattoo was real, but Mikaela revealed that it grew rather fuzzy after a year, making it difficult to read in 2020.

Boyfriend, personal life of Mikaela Pascal

Mikaela never disclosed any details about her prior relationships until she started dating Jack O’Shea because she was too shy to discuss personal information.

She did, however, make many videos in which she revealed the specifics of her romance with her YouTube colleague, Jack O’Shea. Their ages differ by seven years (as of 2021, Mikaela is 22 and Jack is 29).

They frequently share images of one other on their Instagram profiles, while Jack has his own YouTube channel called “Pool Boy TV.” Mikaela and Jack have been in a relationship since 2019.

Hobbies, favorite items, and fascinating facts about Mikaela Pascal

  • Mikaela had to take the driver’s test three times before she passed.
  • When she was 13, she had her first kiss.
  • Mikaela adores being nude, and most of her clothing at home are quite tight and short since she dislikes big or baggy garments. She explained that she does not do it because she is content with her physique, but because she enjoys the feeling of freedom she gets when she is not fully clothed.
  • She also likes to wear yoga pants.
  • Among her favourite films are “Napoleon Dynamite” (2004), “The Lego Movie” (2014), “La La Land” (2016), and “Jaws” (1975).
  • She enjoys viewing horror films.
  • Her favourite holiday is Halloween.
  • Wonder Woman is her favourite superhero, and she favours the DC universe over the Marvel universe.
  • Mikaela despises potatoes.
  • She consumes an abnormal quantity of diet coke, as she admits.
  • Mikaela retires to her bed at 8.30 p.m.
  • She suffers from asthma.
  • She spends more than $1,000 a year on cosmetics, with Sephora being her favourite brand.

Personality, dress style of Mikaela Pascal

Mikaela has dark brown eyes and long dark brown hair. She stands 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall and weighs around 141lbs (64kgs); her vital data are unavailable. In terms of wardrobe, she prefers casual attire, and one of her favourite pieces is her boyfriend’s white T-shirt.

Salary and net worth of Mikaela Pascal

Mikaela’s net worth is estimated to be at $1 million as of 2021. She earned this impressive sum while working as an actress, model, and content creator for popular YouTube channels such as FBE (over $9.8 million in total net worth, up to $130,000 in monthly earnings), REACT (another FBE channel with over $9.5 million in total net worth, up to $146,000 in monthly earnings), Try Not To, and many others.

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