Mamata Banerjee returning to power in West Bengal, BJP may gain seats

Odiha News: The election has been declared in five states, and in West Bengal, the elections will be conducted in 8 phases. The first phase will start on March 27th, and the counting will be done on May 2nd. All eyes are on West Bengal as there a head-to-head fight between TMC and BJP. Both parties are claiming their win in the next election. Mamata Banerjee ended the 25 years long Communist party rule in West Bengal and since then has ruled for 10 years. But in recent years, BJP has grown in stature in West Bengal. In the 2019 Parliament election, BJP did pretty well in the TMC stronghold.

In 2014 TMC won 34, and BJP won 2 seats in the Loksabha elections out of 42 seats. But in 2019, TMC won 22 seats, whereas BJP won 18 seats. BJP gained 16 seats more than the last election, and TMC lost 12 seats compared to the 2014 election. The vote share percentage of TMC was 43.3% in the 2019 election and 40.7% BJP. TMC gained 3%, whereas BJP gained almost 23% of the vote share.

According to a survey conducted by C Voter and ABP news pre poll survey the Mamata Banerjee is returning to power in West Bengal.

According to the ABP News C-Voter Opinion Poll, the TMC may get 43 percent of the vote in the 294 constituencies in West Bengal. The opposition BJP is projected to get 38 percent of the vote. Similarly, the Congress-Left coalition is likely to get 13 percent of the vote and the others 6 percent.

Mamata Banerjee’s TMC could once again come to power in West Bengal. According to the survey, TMC may get 148-164 seats. The BJP, which is hopeful of winning more than 200 seats, is likely to win 92-108 seats, and the Congress-Left coalition is projected to win 31-39 seats.

Currently, TMC+ has 211 seats, Congress has 23 seats, CPI(M) has 19 seats, AIFB has 2 seats, RSP has 2 seats and BJP has 27 seats. 10 seats are vacant.

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