Maharashtra going upside-down with bizarre revelations every day, What Next?

Mumbai: There has been a lot of upheaval in Maharashtra for the last several days. First, on 25 February, a gelatin-filled vehicle was found near the house of Mukesh Ambani. The investigation was still going on, but Mansukh Heren, the car owner, died suspiciously, and his body was found in a lake. After this, Mansukh Heren’s wife and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis held Sachin Baje responsible in the whole case and alleged that Sachin is the person behind all this.

Devendra Fadnavis demanded that the case be handed over to the NIA as it is related to terrorism. A few days later, the investigation of the case was started by the NIA and arrested Sachin Baje late on Saturday night, 13th February. After that, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh said in a press conference that many mistakes had been made with the police, and due to this, he transferred the commissioner of Mumbai, Paramveer Singh. The next day, Mumbai commissioner Paramvir Singh wrote a letter to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray informing him that Sachin worked for Anil Deshmukh at that time, and Anil Deshmukh gave him a target of 100 crore collection every month. The next day, when all this news started running across the country, Anil Deshmukh dismissed the allegations completely.

Anil Deshmukh has even said that he will sue Parambirr Singh for defamation. Parambir Singh went to the Supreme Court the next day and he said that the matter should be thoroughly investigated by the CBI. Meanwhile, Sharad Pawar said in a press conference yesterday that Anil Deshmukh will not resign.

Singh took a name for the first time in the Supreme Court petition, and that name was Rashmi Shukla, an IPS officer of the same batch.

Today, Devendra Fadnavis, during a press conference, claimed that Rashmi Shukla knows the whole secret. Rashmi Shukla knows all the money that is transacted.

What Fadnavis told in press conference

Devendra Fadnavis told in the press conference that Rashmi Shukla made allegations of corruption against Deshmukh based on call recording. It is known that after hearing the telephonic conversation, Rashmi Shukla, then the Commissioner of State Intelligence Department, informed the Director-General of Police, Subodh Jaiswal. DGP told this to the Additional Chief Secretary in the Home Department of the Government of Maharashtra and Maharashtra DG took permission from the Additional Chief Secretary to intercept some numbers. On August 25, 2020, the COI gave its report to the police DG, on the 2nd, the DG wrote a letter to the ACS, requesting the CID to investigate the entire case.

The reports were sent to Maharashtra CM, and the same report was forwarded to the home department. But Fadnavis claimed that instead of taking action against Deshmukh, Rashmi was punished. Her promotion initially was stopped, but later she was transferred with a promotion to DG to a new department called Civil defense.

Rasmi Shukla letter
Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Devendra Fadnavis
Rasmi Shukla letter1
Image Courtesy: Twitter/Devendra Fadnavis

Fadnavis also claimed that he has documents of 6.3 GB which includes the phone interceptions. He will submit this evidence to the Home Secretary in Delhi.

Who is Rashmi Shukla

Both Rashmi Shukla and Parambir Singh are from the 1988 IPS batch. Currently, Rashmi Shukla is the Additional Director General (ADG) in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). Prior to this, she was the post of DG (Civil Defense) when transferred from the COI.

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