Holi Kab Hai, Kab hai Holi: The famous line you listen on every year Holi

Odiha News: Holi is known as the festival of happiness, togetherness, colors, sweets, dishes, bhang, forgiveness, and Bollywood movies. Last year the Holi was not celebrated like it used to be as the Covid cases were on the rise and people were afraid of this unknown virus. But one year later, the situation has changed a little. We may not encounter the Holi celebration as it used to be but expected to be better than last year. State governments yet to release their guideline regarding the festival, but it is expected that except in some states where Covid cases have spiked, others to be more flexible last month.

Some states have also banned playing Holi this year, and some states have issued guidelines such as Delhi, Orissa, Maharashtra, etc. There is a ban on playing Holi publicly in Delhi this year. Similarly, in Mumbai, playing Holi is forbidden, this time at the Public Place. Odisha State Government has forbidden to play Holi at Public Place and has said that people can play Holi in their homes with their family only.

Holi This Year 2021

According to the Hindu calendar Holika Dahan, which is mostly celebrated in India’s northern and western part, is on 28th March, Sunday. Holi will be celebrated on 29th March, Monday. Holi is celebrated with Gulal and greeting each other with sweets and dishes.

Holi has come close, and people have already started preparing how to celebrate Holi, but the picture is not clear yet because the Corona havoc has started again in many states. And this month, the coronavirus cases are higher than the previous month.

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Holi Celebration

Pre Holi celebrations are different in different regions of India, but the Holi celebration is almost the same in all parts. In Mathura (The Land of Lord Krishna), Lath mar Holi is celebrated the day before Holi. In this celebration, the women try to hit the men with the lath (stick), and the men have to protect themselves from getting hit. It is a symbolic celebration of eternal love between Goddess Radha and Lord Shree Krishna.

wishing you a colourful holi
Holi Kab Hai, Kab hai Holi: The famous line you listen on every year Holi 1

Bollywood and Holi

The festival of colours and Bollywood are inseparable. The history of Bollywood showing Holi celebration goes beyond 70 years. Many Bollywood songs like “Aaj na chodenge choli,khelenge hum Holi” featuring Rajesh Khanna, “Holi ke din dil mil jaate hain” from Sholay, or “Balam Pichkari” in the new age movies used the festival to their creativity.

Happy holi
Holi Kab Hai, Kab hai Holi: The famous line you listen on every year Holi 2

But the festival of colors has a special connection with the movie Sholay, the 1975 blockbuster directed by Ramesh Shippy. The movie is still regarded as one of the biggest blockbusters in the history of Bollywood. Movie lovers still remember this movie’s iconic characters, Jai-Veeru, Thakur, Basanti, or Gabbar.

There was a scene in Sholay movie in which Gabbar’s three men returns from the Rampur village with empty hands instead of money and groceries. They were also injured as Jai and Veeru( Played by Amitabh Bachhan and Dharmendra) sot at them, and Gabbar(Played by Amjad Khan) delivers the line of the century “Kitne Aadmi the” which is still used by many people for memes or humor.

gabbar and holi
Holi Kab Hai, Kab hai Holi: The famous line you listen on every year Holi 3

Then Gabbar kills his three men and asks Sambha (Played by Mac Mohan), “Holi kab hai, Kab hai Holi, kab” and the rest is history. The line became so famous that even today, people use it. It has been more than 45 years, but no line could replace this line regarding Holi. Every year when the Holi is round the corner, we hear this line for sure. So how you are going to celebrate the color of festivals this year?

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