State May Extend The Lockdown Beyond 19th May

The state may extend the lockdown beyond May 19th. Moreover, it may be more strict than the first one as the Doctors and scientist have predicted the third wave of Covid, affecting children and older people more.

Odisha reported 11805 new cases on 14th may and 11372 new cases on 15th may.

The indication of lockdown to be extended was clear when on 13th May Odisha government allowed the liquor home delivery in the state.

While the health secretary of the central government today expressed concern over the rising incidence of Covid infections in Odisha, Chief secretary Suresh Mohapatra said on Saturday afternoon that the state would have to remain under strict restrictions for next month.

State May Extend The Lockdown

Odisha Chief secretary Suresh Mohapatra’s comments indirectly indicated that the possibility of a second lockdown cannot be ruled out by the government and maybe announced after the 19th of May. And the second lockdown could be more strict Than the first one, which was imposed on May 5th for fifteen days. Not only that but Chief Secretary Suresh Mohapatra also informed that the preparations for the third wave of the corona have also begun in the state.

The Chief Secretary said an advisory committee had been formed under the leadership of a distinguished medical scientist from India, Dr Srinath Reddy. It includes Dr Devi Sethi, a renowned doctor of India and President of Narayan Heart; Dr Ramakant Panda, Director of the Asian Institute of Heart Disease; Dr Subrata Acharya, Dr Lalitkant, Dr Mridula Fadke, Prof. Dr Ajay Parida is a key member. DMET doctor Dr CBK Mohanty will be the host.

“In the third phase, there is a risk that children will be exposed to more infections,” he said, adding that future waves could affect children and vulnerable groups that include old people and people with prolonged diseases. The committee will therefore advise the state government to address this. “As soon as they meet and ask for the infrastructure to be built, the government will accept whatever advice is given on the best system in the world,” he said. Similarly, steps will be taken in relation to the doctors required for treatment. In addition, the committee will also advise the government on public vaccine drive.

In addition, the government is keeping a close eye on the spread of Covid infections in every district and is investigating. Positive rates in 10 districts are at or near the same level. In the district where the corona was started in the border areas of western Odisha, the status quo has remained the same, or the positive rate has started to decline. Bhadrak, Bolangir, Debagarh, Kalahandi, Nuapada, Sambalpur, Sundergarh and Gajapati districts are reassuring. The good effect of this lockdown will be seen in the future. However, there are still 10,000 to 12,000 infections every day. It cannot be taken lightly. The public has to abide by the Covid rules.

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