Delhi may get a new captain, Shreyas Iyer may not play the first part of IPL

Odiha News: Shreyas Iyer is injured in the first ODI played between India and England. Shreyas Iyer is India’s middle-order batsman and is also the captain of Delhi Capital. He got hurt while fielding on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Shreyas Iyer was injured while stopping a shot that killed Johnny Bairstow in the first ODI against England. Later, he is seen going out while holding his left shoulder, and it is revealed in scanning that his left shoulder has been slightly dislocated. And he may also have surgery. If he gets through surgery, he will not be able to play cricket for at least a month, which means that he is almost certain to miss the first 15 to 20 days of the IPL.

Shreyas is almost certain not to play in the remaining 2 ODIs of this series, but this will not cause much trouble to Team India as batsmen like Suryakumar Yadav and Subhman Gill are present in Team India to replace Shreyas Iyer. Instead of Shreyas Iyer, Team India can also include Rishabh Pant, strengthening the batting, and India will also get an extra keeper.

IPL and Shreyas Iyer

But the real loss is to the Delhi Capitals, whose captain Shreyas Iyer and the IPL will start from April 9. Perhaps Delhi has someone else to captain for the first half, although Delhi has some capable players to become captains, such as Ajinkya Rahne and Steve Smith. Delhi also has Ravichandran Ashwin, who has also captained Punjab in the past. Still, Shreyas Iyer was Delhi’s second-best batsman in the last IPL after Shikhar Dhawan and the tournament’s fourth-highest scorer.

Rohit Sharma

India’s opener and vice-captain Rohit Sharma may not play in the second ODI on Friday because he was hurt in the elbow while batting in the first ODI 148-km-per-hour ball of Mark Wood was hit by his elbow while taking an edge with from his bat. Although he continued to play after getting hit by the ball, he felt a lot of pain when he returned to Pavilion.

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