BJP offices across West Bengal Vandalized by party workers over ticket issue

Odiha News: With the election’s announcement in five states, the race to power has started, and In India, party workers leaving their parties when denied ticket has become a common practice. Political parties in West Bengal are announcing the list of candidates. Members of Opposition parties, including the ruling Trinamool Congress members, have been protesting against ticket distribution. Many leaders are leaving their party for not getting a party ticket. The West Bengal BJP has been embroiled in controversy over its list of candidates.

The team was also in an awkward position on Tuesday. Hundreds of party workers have protested against the list. Instead of grassroots BJP leaders, leaders who left TMC have got party tickets. Senior state leaders like Mukul Roy, Arjun Singh, and Shiv Prakash, surrounded by the protesting BJP workers. Many workers complained that those who have given their life to the party for years were ignored at the time of the election, and those who were outsiders who had left the other party were given tickets.

Hundreds of BJP women and men protested outside the BJP office, breaking down barricades and storming into the office. A large number of police forces have been deployed at the scene to control the situation. Many BJP offices in the state have been vandalized.

Later, Udayanarayanpur protesters from Howrah and Rayadihi from South 24 Pragana in the evening were present. The BJP office has been protected through barricades. However, they vandalized the building, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Dissatisfied BJP activists in Hooghly district vandalized the party office in Singur and the Chinsura district. Hooghly district office of BJP was also attacked, and windows were shattered.

On Sunday, former Trinamool Congress MLA Rabindranath Bhattacharya submitted his nomination papers, and BJP activists detained the Madhya Pradesh Education and Health Minister inside a shop in.

The minister was meeting with party workers at the time. He was rescued by police four hours later. There has been a revolt among the BJP over ticket distribution in many parts of the state.

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