Barbara Jarabica: Choksi Alleged Girlfriend Is Also Cheated By Him

Forget about Punjab National Bank. Mehul Choksi did not hesitate to cheat even his girlfriend, Barbara Jarabica. Mehul Choksi, one of the accused in the Punjab National Bank scam, has also cheated his alleged girlfriend. Choksi used to cheat Jarabica by saying that he loves her.

How Barbara Jarabica and Mehul Choksi met

Choksi presented fake diamonds to Barbara. Barbara has defended herself after the allegations made by Mehul Choksi. She said that she had no role in Mehul Choksi’s kidnapping. “During his visit to Antigua, Choksi came in contact with her and said that his name is Raj,” Barbara said.

“I was Choksi’s friend,” Barbara Jarabica told India Today in an interview. Barbara further said “He told me his name was Raj. He had come in contact with me last year. Choksi was very friendly. But then he started flirting with me. He gave me fake diamond rings and bracelets.”

Barbara said, “Choksi’s lawyer and his family members are deliberately dragging me into the case. I have nothing to do with Choksi’s kidnapping. I am being tortured unnecessarily in this case. There is turmoil in my family. There is chaos. Choksi tried to kiss me in his flat,” said Barbara.

Earlier, Choksi had filed a written complaint with the Antigua Police saying that he was beaten up in Antigua after being kidnapped and later brought to Dominica. Choksi even claimed that his girlfriend Barbara was behind the kidnapping.

Mehul Choksi FIR
Barbara Jarabica: Choksi Alleged Girlfriend Is Also Cheated By Him 1

“If that were the case, I would have had several chances to kidnap her, but I didn’t,” Barbara said. Apart from this, Barbara Jarabica has also shown many messages, which clarify the relationship between the two.

Choksi claimed that when he reached Barbara’s house on the evening of May 23, he was thrashed by 8 to 10 people. Those who beat him had introduced themselves as the police of Antigua. It was told that he would be taken to the police station.
After saying this, he was kidnapped from Barbara’s house and brought to Dominica with the help of a boat.

Who is Mehul Choki

Mehul Choksi is an Indian diamond businessman who owned Gitanjali group. Mehul was born in a Gujrati family and his father was into diamond business in Surat. So this business in not new to Mehul but he wanted to make it big unlike his father who was just a diamond trader.

In 1999 Nirav Modi returned from Belgium as his business failed there. Both uncle and nephew started doing business here in India.

They started many brands like Nakshatra, Asmi, Gili, D’damas, Sangini, Maya, Giantti and others under the Gitanjali group. They had more than 4000 outlets across the country. They roped in Bollywood stars like Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and others to create the brand awareness and hype it needed.

Choksi is accused of passing off low-quality diamonds as rare and original. For two years in a row, the Gitanjali group of companies suffered significant business losses in 2016 and 2017. This was the start of the criminal activities.

Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi bribed PNB employees like Gokulnath Shetty, among others, to create a forged letter of undertakings or LoUs, based on which FLC-foreign letter of credit were created with enhanced amounts that were more than 5 times the original value, allowing them to siphon off Rs.13500 crore of public money.

These documentary changes were made outside the CBS-Core Banking System and were not recorded in PNB’s books. Choksi was found to have made a number of illegal transfers and transactions using the company’s accounts.

In 2017 the employees who favoured Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi retired, and another employee took their place. Mehul Choki’s company made the same kind of request to issue fresh LoU, but the replacement officer asked for cash margin or equivalent collateral. But, Choksi told the bank that he was issued LOU in the past without collateral. Bank issued 151 LoUs from 2011 to 2018.

When Bank employees searched all the data, they found out huge irregularities, and subsequently, the bank lodged an FIR on February 14th, 2018. CBI and ED started raids at different places belonging to Choksi and Modi, but both were not found.

Mehul had fled India in January 2018. He is one of the main accused in the Rs 13,500 crore PNB scam. Choksi had taken Antigua citizenship in 2017 through an investment route.

However, he disappeared from Antigua and Barbados on 23 May. He was arrested from Dominica based on an Interpol notice. The Indian government is now trying to bring back Choksi. Eastern Carrabiean supreme court put a hold on his extradition on May 28.

His nephew Nirav Modi was also absconding in the PNB case, leaving the country. Recently a UK court convicted him

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