144 To Be Imposed in Dhabaleswar on Maha Shiva Ratri

Odiha News: Dhabaleswar is one of the most famous temples of Lord Shiva in Odisha. After Covid cases decreased, the government allowed the opening of various deities’ shrines with guidelines. The government instructed the temple administration to take all kinds of responsibilities and arrange for the proper management according to the Covid rules.

Maha Shiva Ratri will be observed this year on 11th March. This is one of the biggest festivals around the country, and people keep fasting this day and break only after the Mahadeep is lifted.

However, following the directive, the Aathgad administration has issued Section 144 for the Mahashiva Ratri this year at Baba Dhabaleshwar Peeth, one of the most famous Mahadev temples in Odisha. The 144 will be enforced from 6 AM of 11th March to 6 AM of 12th March. The decision was taken at a meeting between the Aathgad sub-district magistrate and the Dhabaleswar Priest association.


Mahashivaratri is the biggest festival of Lord Shiva. On this day, millions and millions of people in India and outside India also keep fast and eat only after the Devine lamp is lifted to the top of the temple at night. In Hinduism, it is believed that keeping fast on the day of Mahashivaratri, worshiping Mahadev fulfills all your desires.

Mahadev is also called Lord of Destruction and according to the Puranas, Mahadev dances his Tandava in Mahashivaratri.

Dhabaleswar Temple

Of all the famous temples of Lord Shiva in Orissa, Dhabaleswar is a temple. According to people, this temple was built between the 10th and 11th centuries. The temple, 35 km from Cuttack, is on a small island inside the Mahanadi. To get to the temple, you have to resort to a boat or have to go through the hanging bridge, which is around 250 meters. The bridge is 2 meters wide.

If you want to Visit the temple then you can book local transport from Cuttack or even hire a cab from Bhubaneswar. Dhabaleswar temple is not that far away from Bhubaneswar either.

There is a famous belief among people that once a thief stole a black cow from a village, and when the villagers came searching for him, he got afraid and started worshipping Mahadev. Despite being a thief, Mahadev heard his prayer and changed his black cow into white, thus saving the life of that thief. That is why the Mahadev temple is called Dhabaleswar here.

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